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Transporter HQ – Camper Fridge Freezer – Alpicool THQ50 – 50L – 12v/24v – With LG Compressor



THQ Alpicool THQ50 12v/24v 50L Camper Fridge – with LG Compressor

The Alpicool THQ50 Camper Fridge uses a high quality + high performance LG Compressor meaning it runs quieter and more efficiently than a lot of similar fridges on the market. This fridge works with what’s become the industry standard dimensions to fit most camper kitchen set up’s. These are similar to the more expensive fridges like the Dometic RX50, plus its this Alpicool R50 is package with more features.

The THQ Alpicool THQ50 features a clever door hinge system, meaning it can open outwards both left and right which is also removable making it a lot easier for cleaning. This feature means you can fit it in many more kitchen layouts and in far more compact areas. The removable door also makes it easier to remove or reinstall the freezer section. Removing this gives you the option of having a large fridge space without the freezer section. The other huge benefit to the door opening is you have access from ways. So whether you’re reaching for the milk to make a cup of tea from the back of the camper, or chilling in your front swivelled seat and want to grab a cool beer, its easier to access the fridge from either direction.

With the Alpicool having the Dual Climate option, you can store a range of different food and drink products at a temperature which suits the whole party.


  • Digital LED Control Panel
  • Dual Temperature
  • High Performance LG Compressor (quiet and more efficient operation)
  • Internal Durable Wire Shelves
  • Stylish Brushed Black in Colour with Removable Trim-able front panel
  • Reversible Door (opening left or right + removable)
  • Secure Door Catch preventing opening while driving
  • 3 Stage Battery Protection System (Automatically prevents the fridge from draining the vehicle battery)
  • 2 Year Warranty
Technical Specification:
  • Model: THQ50 – with Uprated LG Compressor
  • Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Dimensions: D479mm x W380mm x H536mm
  • N.W: 16.2kg
  • Operation: AC100-240v, DC12/24v
  • Rated Power Unit: 60w
  • Rated Current: AC 1.2A-0.5A, DC 5.0A/2.5A
  • Chilling Temperatures: Fridge 0 – 8 °c, Freezer -12 – -20 °c
Weight 18 kg
Seamless Fridge Frame

None, Black, Silver

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