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Van Carpet Lining

We stock 4 way stretch carpet that can be used for van carpet lining. You can choose between a 40 metre roll or by purchasing it by the metre. This means you can tailor how much you buy based on exactly how much you require. Take your pick from the range of colours that this fantastic carpet is available in. You are also able to get the adhesive required for fitting it into your van too!

Please use the following guide to help you order enough materials for your carpet lining job:

T5 / T6 SWB Half Height Panels: 10m Carpet, 122 Clips, 10x Glue
T5 / T6 SWB Full Height Panels: 11m Carpet, 140 Clips, 11x Glue
T5 / T6 LWB Half Height Panels: 12m Carpet, 136 Clips, 12x Glue
T5 / T6 LWB Full Height Panels: 13m Carpet, 154 Clips, 13x Glue

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