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VW T5 | T6 Interior J Trim FOR BARN DOORS


Barn Door U trim

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T5 | T6 Barn Door J trim

To Fit: T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 BARN DOORS (both doors)

To hide the cut mark when cutting windows out.

Will go over both the inner metal work and the cut edge.

J Trim is much easier to use than normal U trim because when it’s fitted over the inner lip and cut edge on the outside (the side you will be bonding to) it doesn’t come down half as far, meaning you have a lot more room to apply the adhesive. If you can get the adhesive on correctly it means there is less chance of having a water leak

In the gallery pictures the standard U trim is on the left, J trim is on the right

8-12mm thickness




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