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Mercedes Sprinter (2006-Present) – Thermal Sunscreen – 3-Piece


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Mercedes Sprinter (2006-Present) + VW Crafter (2006-2017) Windscreen SunShade

Mercedes Sprinter (2006-Present) VW Crafter (2006-2017) Sunscreen – 3-Piece

This windscreen sunshade will keep your cab cool this summer, better insulated in the winter, or just for plain privacy on the campsite!
With the heat upon us, the interior of your car is going to boil up. Nothing’s more intimidating than sitting in a hot seat and burning your hands on the hot surface.
A regular phenomenon every summer, and you are trying to find a quick solution.

The windscreen sunshade uses suction cups for fast application and effortless installation & removal. They come as a set of three,
one for the main windscreen and the other two fitting on the side doors. Different from existing sunscreens, this product
features a multi-layered light reflective surface to direct the sun’s heat away!

Vehicle sun shades work to protect your car with a physical barrier that blocks out sunlight. They use either a reflective material to bounce sunlight back out of the vehicle or a non-reflective material that absorbs the UV rays.
HQ sunscreens have long been an option for shielding your car from the sun and heat. However, the answer to the question “Do car sun shades work?” is complicated because car sun shades don’t protect the exterior of the car. Although sun shades can help reduce the interior temperature.

This sunscreen is easy to pack away when you’re ready to embark with the simple removal of the suction pads and a neat roll to finish and store elsewhere in the vehicle.

Still not convinced
Don’t just take our word for it, check out some articles on this topic if you’re still unsure about this product, click the following link: Do thermal sunscreens work?


  • Mercedes Sprinter (2006-Present), VW Crafter (2006 – 2017)

  • RHD + LHD


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